Lebron James Pays for Funeral for Family of 4 Killed in Akron House Fire… the Landlord Could Be Arrested


AKRON, Ohio – A landlord could face possible citations or criminal charges because no smoke detectors were found in a home where two children and their parents were killed.

Fire Chief Clarence Tucker said firefighters did not see any evidence of the life-saving devices in the home which caught fire early Saturday morning on East Tallmadge Avenue.

While the chief said it was possible the flames could have burned up a smoke detector on the first floor, it was clear there were not any on the second floor where the kids were likely sleeping.

Tucker explained a city ordinance requires landlords to install working smoke detectors in rental properties. It’s the responsibility of tenants to change the batteries.

“I believe that we would have a strong case to take to the law department to see if we could move forward with citations,” Tucker said.

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