Rapper Nino Brown Says He Slept With Blac Chyna in the VIP Room at King of Diamonds [Video]

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For some reason, rapper Nino Brown has gone on a rampage against the Kardashians.  On Dec. 16th, the Miami-based rapper posted a video titled “Them Kardashian H*es Is Bad Luck,” where he went on and on about how badly the Kardashian sisters destroy the lives of Black men.

The Miami rapper blasted Kim Kardashian and her sisters, claiming they are “no-talent culture vultures who fool Black men.” The video quickly went viral with more than 5 million views.

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Hours later, Nino posted a screenshot of a text Kim Kardashian allegedly sent him asking him to take the video down and threatening legal action if he did not do so. Nino responded to the text with “Kiss my azz, eat grapes.”


Followers obviously simply did not believe that Kim Kardashian would text Nino.

Then last night, Nino stepped it up a notch by posting another video titled ‘Hoeism is at an all time high,” in which he claimed he slept with Blac Chyna in the VIP room at King of Diamonds.

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