Tea Time! Man from Viral Proposal Video Blasted for Being Married to One Woman, Engaged to Another and a Baby on the Way with Another


Some men be out here doing the most!

As usual when something good happens for someone, it’s only right that someone come rain on their parade… And in this case, I’m not talking about the Summer Rain that Carl Thomas sings about.

We’re talking about thunderstorm rain and the things that happen when a man doesn’t come home at night.

After his marriage proposal video went viral over the weekend, Daiwon McPherson‘s side pieces started coming out of the woodworks, and so did his wife.


I’m really starting to understand why Daiwon McPherson went all out to propose to his girlfriend. He appears to be the typical male who stays on some phuckery and stays running up in multiple women and unfortunately his new fiancé appears to be the typical woman who always takes him back…

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