Wife Shows Up at Her Husband’s Side Chick’s House to Set HER on Fire While Hubby Watched


It’s scary being a side chick these days…

A woman found out about her husband’s side chick and had her husband take her right to the woman’s front door. But once there, she wasn’t interested in fighting or arguing. She set the woman on fire so that she’d never, ever, ever, ever be a side chick again.

The Indy Channel reports:

INDIANAPOLIS — An Indianapolis woman says she was set on fire by the wife of a man she was romantically involved with.

Tationa Sims, 22, says the man and his wife came to her apartment near 42nd Street and Mitthoeffer Road just after midnight Monday.

“She wanted to know if he was still cheating or not,” Sims said. “Because I was messing with her husband, I guess it was set up to do something to me.”

After exchanging only a few words, Sims says the woman threw a cup full of gasoline at her and then ignited her coat with a lighter.

Sims says the man – who, she claims, told her he and his wife were no longer together – made no effort to stop his wife.

“He stood there the whole time and watched it happen,” she said.

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