Foolish: Alfred Thomas Was Acquitted of Murder, Then Logged onto Facebook to Confess

Alfred Merc Thomas

Alfred “Merc” Thomas is a very foolish man. He took to Facebook to make a bold proclamation three weeks after a  jury acquitted him of murder.

SYRACUSE, N.Y. –  In January of 2014, George Colon, 22, and Alfred L. Thomas, 29, were arrested for the murder of Martin Paulk. When police asked Paulk (pictured below) who shot him, he said “Cito did it. Tell my mother I love her.”

Cito is George Colon’s street name. Police say Pualk was shot while Thomas and Colon stood on either side of him.

In October of the same year, George ‘Cito’ Colon was sentenced to 40 years to life in prison for the murder. At his sentencing  he loudly said into the court microphone, “Can we get this sh*t over with?”

That same jury acquitted his accomplice, Alfred Thomas, of Paulk’s murder because no witnesses could place him at the scene.

Upon his release, Thomas would get a tattoo on his back that reads: “Guilty Until Proven Innocent.”


Three weeks later, Alfred Laquan Thomas would go on Facebook to confess to the murder.

He did it, Thomas admitted.

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