Dairy Queen Says NO! to Racism and Shuts Down Store Where Manager Called Young Mom and Kids the N-Word

Dairy QueenSome white folks seem to think it’s open season on Blacks, immigrants and other minorities since Donald Trump was elected President of the United States.

But corporate America seems to realize that Black dollars are just as important and their rights must be protected.

Just the other day, we reported how a young mother of two was scathingly insulted and verbally assaulted by a Dairy Queen manager in Zion, Illinois, who called them n*ggers.

Dude went so far as to admit to police he said it, and even added that he was “fed up with Black people.”

The fast food chain took swift action and shut down that Dairy Queen and severed its relationship with the franchise owner who made the comments.

Here’s the kicker: the mom called the cops, and she happens to be in training with the department, so dude must have thought the officers who came to the DQ were going to be on his side.

No sir. And to top it off, the mayor of Zion also took sides with the young woman and issued an apology to her as well.

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