Jamie Foxx Got into a Massive Fight [Video]

TMZ reports:

Jamie Foxx and some friends were in the patio area at Catch restaurant when a guy came up and complained the group was too loud. One witness says the guy mouthed off.

“You don’t want to mess with me. I’m from New York.”

A comedian who was at Jamie’s table fired back, “F*** you. I’m from Oakland.”

Eyewitnesses say at that point the guy lunged at Jamie. The accounts vary, but one witness says he actually made contact with the actor, pulling him down onto a table. The witness goes on to say Jamie turned the guy around, put him in a choke hold and took him down.

The random guy and the group were kicked out of the restaurant.

BTW … lots of celebs had a bird’s-eye view … including Jerry Bruckheimer, Cuba Gooding Jr., Michael Bay and Nicole Murphy.