Say What? Woman Stabs Her Boyfriend Because He Ate All of Her French Fries 🍟


When your girlfriend is greedy af…

Simon Hill and Diane Clayton, 34. visited a friend’s house for dinner in England.

There they were served fish and chips. Simon ate all the chips off his plate and the ones on his girlfriend’s plate Β too, which caused Diane to become extremely irate.

Diane slapped Simon across the face, then proceeded to get a knife from the kitchen and cut him, causing a minor injury.

The couple left, but Hill returned to stay the night for his own safety.

The next morning, Diane was still super pissed. So she got up, went all the way back to her friend’s house and stabbed Simon again.

He defended himself, resulting in only his hands being cut.

Clayton admitted to the assault and was sentenced to 26 weeks in jail.

Prosecutor Parveen Akhtar told the court that Hill had devoured all the chips, which caused Clayton to see red.

Akhtar said: β€œSimon Hill ate them all and that caused her to get angry.