Viral Video Shows 65-Year-Old Grandma Celebrating After Shooting Her Son-in-Law 11 Times Because He Said She Looked Ghetto

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When grandma has had enough…

Footage of Cynthia Cdebaca raising her arms in celebration while confessing to the 2014 murder of her son-in-law has gone viral.

Both Cdebaca’s confession and her alleged reason for emptying 11 shots into Geoward Eustaquio are the subject of a video providing some strange and shocking insights into Cdebaca’s family dynamic.

On Thursday, the prosecutor told jurors  that Cynthia Cdebaca shot and killed Geoward Eustaquio the morning of Feb. 11, 2014. Then, they played a video of her admitting it.

Cdebaca told detectives that she bought a gun two weeks prior and planned the murder.

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