Dairy Queen Owner Proudly Admits to Calling 21-Year-Old Mom and Her Kids ‘N*ggers,’ Says He’s Tired of Black People

Deianeira Ford

Donald Trump has everyone stating who they truly are…

Zion, Illinois – A Dairy Queen franchise store owner “proudly admitted” to calling a 21-year-old mom and her two kids a series of racial slurs after a disagreement.

Deianeira Ford, who is biracial, said she did not receive her full order and had asked for a $5 refund from the store owner, Jim Chrichton, who is white, after she was told she couldn’t receive the rest of her items.

The owner proceeded to call Ford a bunch of racial slurs in front of her 2- and 5-year-old kids.

Describing the incident on Facebook, the mom asked what the slur meant, according to the News-Sun. And when she asked Chrichton his name, he said it was “Bill Clinton” and then “better yet, I’m Donald Trump,” according to the newspaper.

The young mom was brought to tears and decided to call the police.

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