Black Woman EXPOSES Her CHILD MOLESTER Step-Dad and her Mother Who Enables Him in This EPIC Facebook Post

molested black woman Facebook

I started this blog many years ago in order to give a voice to people who can’t reach a broad audience in order to tell their stories. Most of the time, those people are dead and gone, but some are still living and pleading for help.

In between all of that, I somehow became a Celebrity Gossip Blogger, but I still find time to tell the stories of everyday people on a daily basis. Despite the backlash and people often commenting saying that I post negative stories, I always remember why I do what I do.

This morning, I was contacted by a woman seeking help spreading her story… I assumed it was a regular crime news story and was shocked to see what it really was.

The powerful Facebook story that is told by Xan Adu is one of deep southern family secrets… secrets so dark that no one in the family wants them to come out. She not only names names, but provides a photo of her alleged abusers. The post will leave you with your mouth wide open.

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