Teen Bit Her Child While High on Drugs and Fed the Girls Sugar Water to ‘Make Them Fat Like Food’

Kiarah Beard

If having to choose between two drugs, it’s better to be a crack head over a meth head. Crackheads do funny stuff and steal just about any and everything, but meth makes you do some crazy stuff.

DUNCAN, OKLAHOMA — A young mom from Oklahoma could potentially spend her life behind bars after being accused of biting one of her children.

On Feb. 8, a child welfare investigator with the Department of Human Services contacted the Duncan Police Department after she was alerted to a possible child neglect case, the Lawton Constitution reports.

The DHS investigator told police she met with 18-year-old Kiarah Beard and the teen appeared to be under the influence of an intoxicant and was having difficulty speaking.

Patrol officers said they found Beard wandering around Elm Terrace Apartments, 206 E. Elm, after they were called by the property manager about two children left unattended in an apartment.

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