Nick Cannon Resigns From ‘America’s Got Talent’ Supposedly Right Before Being Fired

Nick Cannon

Nick Cannon has quit as host of “America’s Got Talent.”

According to Cannon, NBC was considering firing him after some controversy over comments Cannon made during a comedy show yet to air, where he allegedly used the N-word. He also made disparaging remarks about NBC that included the N-Word.

In his stand-up special, “Stand Up, Don’t Shoot,” Cannon made several pointed jokes about NBC. First, he began the night by warning his audience that the n-word would be sprinkled about throughout his show and that NBC would stand for “N—-s Better Come On” and “N—s Be Careful” for the entire show.

He went on Facebook just hours ago to explain his decision to  leave AGT.

However, the Wrap reports that Cannon’s contract with NBC may not allow him to just quit.

“Not so fast, Nick Cannon, you’re still under contract at ‘America’s Got Talent’ — and quitting just may not be in the (cue) cards”, says the Wrap.

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