Porsha Williams Reveals to Kandi Burruss That Todd Has Been Cheating With Women in New York [Video]


Porsha Williams is at it again. Now she’s bringing Kandi Burruss’ husband Todd into her drama.

According to Porsha, Todd is cheating on Kandi with women in New York.

In a new video, Kandi and Porsha are airing each other out and exposing their dirty secrets.

According to Porsha, the lesbian rumors about Kandi aren’t too far fetched because she was in a relationship with a woman for seven years.

Furthermore, Kandi’s husband Todd has side chicks in New York that Kandi’s well aware of, and that he goes by the name “Marvin” when he’s cheating.

“Your husband has other chicks who he goes with in different states–you like that?” says Porsha. “You think y’all only share in your room? Call Todd and ask about what he told a girl in New York this past weekend—telling them his name is Marvin so that he can cheat. Marvin, his alias.”

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