This #StrandedBae Story About Love, Infidelity & Being Homeless Is the Craziest Thing You’ll Read Today

stranded bae

Being single on Valentine’s Day is no fun. Even if a person isn’t looking for love, there’s a chance they’re looking for someone to spend it with so they don’t feel lonely.

You’ve probably heard hundreds of crazy Internet dating stories online, but this one that emerged on Twitter last night has to be the wildest. Filled with love, deceit and sudden twists, you’re seriously in for a treat.

The story starts with Twitter user @_iamqueenk alluding to a story about a very unfortunate incident that involved her bae, @KashMoneyKanee. At first, she hesitates to give us the full story, but slowly shares bits and pieces of what happened. What we know so far: @KashMoneyKanee was someone that she was into, but he flipped on her quick during a Valentine’s Day getaway.

In the full thread, @_iamqueenk tells it all. How @KashMoneyKanee paid for her flight and stay in Washington, D.C. How he paid for everything and even made matching T-shirts with her face on it. And how he suddenly decided to ditch her at the airport for his friends, partying and another woman.

Now, to be fair, @KashMoneyKanee drops his side of the story.

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