Stepfather Beat 4-Year-Old Child to Death Because He Couldn’t Count to 15…

child beaten to death

 Step-father and mother of 4-year-old boy arrested

This woman stood by and let her man beat her beautiful baby boy to death.

CLAYTON COUNTY, Georgia – A mother and stepfather of a 4-year-old little boy have been arrested and charged with child cruelty. The little boy died after his stepfather beat him to death.

According to Clayton County arrest records, the stepfather, Dontavious Carter, is accused of beating the toddler, and the mother, Shronda Parks, of allegedly not doing anything to stop it.

According to arrest warrants, the stepfather beat the child, Dedrick Alford, Jr. (D.J.), because he could not count to 15. Carter told authorities he was harder on DJ because he was a boy.

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