‘Abusive’ Mother of Girl, 14, Who Streamed Her Suicide on Facebook Live’ Watched the Footage and Wrote That Her Daughter Was Attention-Seeking and Crying Wolf as She Killed Herself’

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‘Abusive’ mother of Florida girl, 14, who streamed her suicide on Facebook Live’ watched the footage and wrote that her daughter was attention-seeking and crying wolf as she killed herself’ (Video)

Some people never quite develop a bond with their kids… Instead, they actually hate them and always seem to have something negative to say about the kid.

Daily Mail reports:

The mother of a Florida girl who streamed her suicide on Facebook Live has been accused of watching as her daughter killed herself and mocking her with messages on the post suggesting she was seeking attention and crying wolf.

Gina Caze did nothing to stop her daughter Nakia Venant, 14, from committing suicide as the foster child broadcast her death in Miami in late January, a damning report from a child services department says.

The Florida Department of Children and Families said Cazec even criticized her daughter as she watched the two-hour long Facebook Live video, calling Venant a “custody jit” and and that she was a “crying wolf… seeking attention.” the department said Monday.

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Caze had a troublesome relationship with her daughter, as Venant was taken away from her due to physical abuse concerns.

But the mother has strenuously denied she made the comments as she watched her daughter die.

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