African Immigrant Raking in Big Corporate Bucks for His High-Tech Ideas… And It All Started with PlayStation

Anari Sengbe4

If your kids are playing video games, don’t yell at them. Get them to read this story and then encourage them to become coders. It could mean a major career for your child in the future.

Anari Sengbe came to the U.S. when he was 10 from Sierra Leone. Now the 30-something entrepreneur is raking in big bucks from companies such as Mercedes Benz and Direct TV.

The now San Francisco resident is a self-taught coder who started his own company that is raking in big bucks from corporations who love his ideas and his ability to turn gaming into money through apps.

And it all started when he was a kid playing on PlayStation.

Sengbe is a pretty confident dude, too. In a recent interview, he said that if Hillary Clinton had used his app, she would have won the election.

And he believes what he creates benefits Black society, but he also criticizes Black media for not promoting Blacks in high tech.

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