Apartment Manager Indicted for Stealing Rent Money from Hundreds of Tenants, Then Mailing Eviction Notices

Jasmine Outlaw

Her scheme began in December 2014. Outlaw “requested tenants of Lucas Hunt to submit all rent payments to her and to make all money orders payable to her.” She’d then deposit the money orders into her personal bank and use the money for her own personal benefit “and proceed to evict tenants from Lucas Hunt while knowing she had actually stolen these tenants’ rent payments and that these tenants had indeed paid their rent in full and in a timely manner.”

In some instances, the indictment alleges, she wrote her own name on the payee line of the money orders if the tenant left the line blank.

At the height of the scheme,  the apartment complex filed 355 cases against tenants for not paying rent in 2016. That’s compared to 89 cases in 2013, the year before the scheme began.

To conceal the scheme from other employees, the indictment alleges, Outlaw logged into the complex’s accounting system and applied receipts from old accounts to current tenant accounts to reflect a positive cash flow.

Although she had a load of free stolen money, records show that Outlaw was sued in the City of St. Louis last year for not paying her own rent. Rent-A-Center also sued her in 2015 for not paying for furniture she leased.

According to jail records from her local arrest, she stole over $25,000 (I’m not for certain that pertains to the same case, due to the booking date, but it’s obvious she’s a serial thief.)

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The federal charge specifically relates to a Nov. 2015 mailing of a “past due rent” notice to one tenant.


Damn! She was a cold piece! That FED time is even colder though.