Auntie Fee’s Son Breaks Down in Emotional Facebook Post: ‘Momma I Drove My Car Around All Day Yesterday Looking for You’

Auntie Fee son Tavis

Beloved Auntie Fee passed away this week, leaving many of her fans heartbroken.

Her son, Tavis, who was responsible for recording her videos and getting her started on social media, posted about his own personal heartbreak.

Tavis wrote:

Momma you made it so comfortable for me… it’s ridiculous how uncomfortable I been since you left me. Momma you kept me so close 2 you that I’m lost without you. Momma I’m hurting so much I’m probably hurting you right now. Momma, I drove my car around all day yesterday looking for you. Momma, I couldn’t find you. Momma, I went 2 your sister and brother’s house yesterday… hopes they had a piece of you to give to me. Momma, they didn’t. Momma, I laid in your bed and cried and cried ’til I couldn’t cry no more, momma. Momma, I always told you whenever you leave I wanted to go too.Momma, you and my dad was my only friends. Momma, my daddy needs you mama. Momma, we need you.

Prayers for the family. May her son’s heart be healed.