‘Black Lightning’ – China Anne McClain to Star as New CW Super Hero

China Nafessa

Nafessa Williams, left, and China Anne McClain, right

Super heroes are big themes these days, on television and at the movies, and don’t forget the hugely popular ComicCon.

Until recently, there was an absence of Black super heroes… not anymore.

In line with its heavy line-up of super heroes, the CW network is developing a Black super hero, well, a super hero daughter, and it will star former Disney standout China Anne McClain. You may also recognize her from “House of Payne,” where she played little girl Jasmine Payne.

In addition, the show, called “Black Lightning,” will feature Nafessa Williams from “Code Black.”

Mara Brock Akil and Salim Akil, who are behind the BET hit “Being Mary Jane,”ย are writing and directing the show.

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