AGAIN: Police Shoot and Kill Unarmed Black Father, James Hess, on Facebook Live [Video]

Rodney James HessRodney James Hess

Alamo, Tennessee  –  On Thursday afternoon, a Texas resident who was visiting his mother in Tennessee was shot and killed by the police while broadcasting live on Facebook.

Allegedly, Rodney Hess, 36, had blocked traffic on a highway ramp by parking his vehicle sideways. Responding deputies told investigators Hess refused command and became erratic.

When officers arrived with the Crockett County Sheriff’s Department to the scene, Hess did not exit his vehicle, but instead asked that the “higher commands come out” to speak to him.

Authorities accused Hess of trying to use his sport utility vehicle to strike officers at least twice. At least one deputy opened fire, striking Hess through the windshield.

Dazed: In an earlier video he apparently walks around in a daze. Family and friends said he was struggling with mental illness. Pictured: A second sheriff's deputy from Hess's video

During those tragic moments of the last hour of his life, you can hear Rodney cry out on camera.

After being shot and crashing his truck, Rodney was airlifted to a hospital where he died.

His fiancé, Johnisha Provost, told the Commercial Appeal that Rodney had mental health issues and suffered from bipolar disorder.  She says by looking at the videos she can tell that he was disoriented and lost.

“He was not on a suicide mission,” she told the newspaper. “He was not trying to harm anybody. He was asking them for help and they shot him down.”

“He couldn’t get his mind together. That’s why he asked for a higher command,” she said. “I always told him, ‘Babe, if you are ever in a situation where you need help, ask the person in charge for the higher command to help you,’ and that’s what he kept saying.”

Hess leaves behind a 1-year-old daughter. You can DONATE HERE.

Dead: Rodney Hess (pictured with his daughter), 36, was shot dead by cops on Thursday while filming his traffic stop. Police say he tried to drive towards them twice before they shot him

Watch the video Hess recorded of the moment of his shooting below: