Learn How This Kidnapping Victim Escaped From the Trunk of Her Own Car [Video]

Many of us have watched video tutorials to learn how to apply winged eyeliner or download an app. Now a 25-year-old Alabama nursing student has revealed that she was able to escape from the trunk of her own moving car where she was being held by a kidnapper by remembering a video she had seen on Facebook.

Brittany Diggs, the Alabama nursing student who escaped after her kidnapper stuffed her into the trunk of her own car, was able to find the trunk release latch using the light from her insulin pump.

Diggs’ night of terror began on Tuesday when she was walking to her apartment in Birmingham, and a man pulled out a gun and demanded that she give him money. When Diggs explained that she was a college student and did not have any money, the man forced her into her Nissan Altima and told her to drive him to another part of town.

Diggs Recounts Her Daring Escape.

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