More Details on Tyrese’s New Wife Reveal She’s…


Singer Tyrese shocked fans earlier this week when he posted a photo and declared he had gotten married on Valentine’s Day to a lady he called his “Black queen.”

The lady, Samantha Lee Schwalenberg, is reportedly of mixed heritage, so this pissed off some folks who thought he shouldn’t have referred to her as “Black.”

This is Tyrese’s second marriage. His divorce was a rough one, with both Tyrese and the first Mrs. Gibson waging war post-marriage in court and in the media.

There are different reports on the new Mrs. Gibson’s background, with claiming she has a Latin and Jamaican background – and a white daddy – while other sites claim she also has African American roots.

Samantha is well educated and has a well-paying job. Reports also say she once competed in the Miss Latin America beauty pageant.

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