Man Charged with Rape, Kidnapping… Preyed on Little Girls on Way to School

Kevin Smith

This dude shouldn’t have been on the street. After reportedly being arrested eight times, he was out on the streets and allegedly kidnapping and assaulting little girls on their way to school.

Kevin Smith, 50, would sit in his SUV in a residential neighborhood near three different schools and wait for young girls to walk by. He would use a knife to force them into his vehicle, and then he’d sexually assault them.

He got caught when one of the girls smacked him in the head with her cell phone and got away. He ran after her wielding the knife, but she ran like hell and he couldn’t catch her. She alerted authorities and they found out about another victim. The cops waited and just a couple days later, the moron was back stalking the neighborhood.

Police nabbed him and both girls picked him out of a line-up.

Now he’s facing major prison time…

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