NFL Player’s 17-Year-Old Son Going on Trial as Adult for Murdering His Parents… Facing Life in Prison (Video)


This just proves giving your kids what you didn’t have doesn’t always work…

A successful football player and his wife wound up dead last year, allegedly shot in their bed by an intruder.

But as the story unfolded, police charged the couple’s then 16-year-old son with their murders, and now it’s been revealed that the now 17-year-old will be tried as an adult.

Antonio and Dawn Armstrong and their kids, a boy and a girl, were living the idyllic life. After a successful career in the NFL, Armstrong had become a hero in the upscale community of Bellaire outside of Houston. In addition to being an associate pastor, he worked as a fitness instructor.

But one night that tragically changed when the father of two and his wife Dawn were found shot to death in their own bed, with pillows covering their faces. It was their teenage son who called police and said he saw a masked intruder in the house, but that story unraveled over the next fews days, according to news reports.

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