This 19-Year-Old Model Was Cast by Both Yeezy and Rihanna for Fenty x Puma

Nisaa Pouncey

Life is but a dream if you create goals and pursue them relentlessly.

Rihanna and Kanye West are perhaps two of the most successful music-to-fashion crossovers. Both Yeezy and Fenty are prone to casting under-the-radar models that subsequently blow up. Luckily for a 19-year-old woman, she got the opportunity to walk for both.

Nisaa Pouncey, the self-proclaimed “Georgia Peach” got her start in the industry when she entered a modeling search at age 14. The prodigy went on to win the entire competition. In the time since, she’s landed campaigns for Urban Decay, Nars and Victoria’s Secret.

The highlight of her career, she says, was walking in last week’s Fenty show, Rihanna’s third collection with Puma since assuming her creative director position in 2014.

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When Rihanna gave her advice before heading out on the runway, Pouncey was understandably super geeked!

She told BET:

“I literally almost bawled out in tears when she was talking to me. She’s fixing me up and she’s like, “You look bomb as f**k. You look so good.” It’s like…Rihanna. Everybody looks up to Rihanna, but like when I was in sixth grade and Rihanna shaved her hair on the sides I was like, “Mom, oh my gosh, can I please shave my hair on the sides like Rihanna.” When she died her hair orange, I was like, “Oh, I gotta have orange/red hair!” I was just always following Rihanna and everything, so for her to be sitting in front of me and being like, “You look f**king bomb.”

And my look was part of the nerd group so she was like, “You’re going to go out there and you’re going to be the sexiest, b***hy nerd ever and you’re going to kill it.” I was just like looking at her and my heart was beating so fast and I was not even processing the fact that she’s sitting in front of me. She’s so gorgeous, flawless in person, and she’s sitting here telling me, “Oh, you look gorgeous, you look bomb.” And I’m like, “Uhhh…what? Huh?” And then she was like, “OK, now GO!” And I’m like, “Oh wait, now I have to walk and you just told me all this stuff and now I’m feeling crazy inside.

Even the next morning I woke up and I was like, “Rihanna told me I looked bomb. Did that really happen? Did I dream all of this? Where am I? Am I even really in Paris? What’s going on?” It still didn’t even hit me until I got back to New York and I was sitting in my hotel room and thinking about everything, like, “Oh my gosh, that really happened.”

Congrats Miss Pouncey!