Ohio Woman Arrested for Shooting Her Love Rival at Victoria’s Secret PINK Store [Video]

Anikqua Williams

I have always thought that if you’re fighting over a man you need to revaluate your self worth. But apparently, other women don’t think like that. One woman saw her boyfriend’s other girlfriend out and about and tried to kill her.

Columbus, Ohio –  On Thursday, around 2 p.m., two women were at the PINK brand Victoria’s Secret store in Easton Town Center shopping separately when one suddenly recognized the other and flew into a murderous rage.

Anikqua A.E. Williams, 22, approached Daneshia Elmore, 23, to discuss the beef the two had over a man. A fight broke out, resulting in Anikqua pulling out a gun and shooting Daneshia in the chest.

Williams and the Elmore went to high school together and had “bad blood” between them before they had the unexpected encounter at the PINK store.

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