Redskins’ Lyndon Antonio Trail Asks Why Black Athletes Marry White Women… Catfishing NFL Player Explains How Black Women Aren’t ‘Coachable’

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So… This has gone viral.

An NFL player, Washington Redskins Linebacker Lyndon Antonio Trail, asked his followers… why do Black men marry white women? Another NFL player, a trolling Miami Dolphin username Maserati Rick, responded,  and set Black women on fire!

“The answer is simple brother, most of the sisters were raised in broken homes, and they don’t have proper guidance to how they should treat a man, so they mess up a lot in relationships, the biggest difference is a white woman knows her position and accepts her role as a woman and let her man lead.

Black women believes it’s 50/50 and you have to be uneducated to ever think such a thing, black women are stubborn, closed minded, and always want to argue and be the boss, men don’t like that shit, especially if you’re successful, young black athletes are looking for a woman to submit do they part, and they handle business. Men needs peace of mind, and you don’t get that with black women. Let’s just leave it as is.

The biggest problem with some women is that they can never take responsibilities for their actions they hate to admit when they are wrong. And you can never get better at anything unless you can admit your feats and mistakes. How would I be a better football player if I’m not coachable? Black women are not coachable let’s put it that way. Man I’m tired of they ass. You gotta [go] through shit to know medications. The best thing I could have done was get me a white girl with a great family to support her and our relationship.”


Now I must say that sometimes I feel like not identifying with Black women, because they are the most easily trolled creatures on the planet. Black women love relinquishing their powers to those who do not appreciate them.

Anytime you say something about Black women, Black women get all up in arms posting about you, commenting, sharing what you said and making you even more popular instead of ignoring you into oblivion.

Everyone has their issues. Black women are indeed for the most part dominant, strong creatures, because for the most part, we don’t meet many men who allow us to be delicate, soft petals as we should be. Some of these men want to take you up the block and make you fight their side chick or first baby mama. It’s ridiculous. Even our mothers had the same problems.

But then you have some Black women who are indeed submissive and can be controlled.. Most times those women are stay at home moms…

Other women are career oriented and have to be a bit tough in order to play the game of chess and office politics at work.

Knowing how strong of a woman you’ve had to become in order to endure through life, why care what some guy has to say about you as a whole?

I’d rather focus on finding a man who is attracted to my radiance, brilliance and strength. Do any other men other than your man really matter? They don’t to me.

P.S. Looking at his photo, it’s obvious he’s had a lot of Black women turn him down. He’s not the most attractive, healthiest, nor does he bore a positive attitude. So now that he has a little bit of money, he found a non-Black woman to be nice to him. He’s also calling his non-Black girlfriend weak.

You should be laughing at them both.