Rikers Island Inmate Slashed in Bloody Gang Attack

Rikers Island

While one inmate is snitching on a captain by secretly recording her kissing him, another inmate was almost murdered by other inmates. It’s safe to say that the Rikers Island prison has quite a few problems.

Recently, a gang-banging inmate was slashed all over his body by a group of other inmates in the latest brutal assault in the prison.

Michael Walcott, 39, a reputed Bloods member, was attacked by four or five other Bloods inside the West Facility’s dayroom at around 2:45 p.m. Thursday, according to a jail source.


Walcott was cut on his face, both arms and back, the correction insider said. He was rushed to the hospital, according to records.

The attack was caught on video that has not been released to the media.

Two photos from that surveillance show Walcott with a massive gash on the top of his head with blood covering his forehead and chest.  They tried to kill him.

“They came all over his a–,” the source said.

Walcott is in jail facing felony conspiracy charges, records show.

Department officials were trying to identify all the assailants and the weapons used in the attack as of Thursday night.

The attack comes two days after the Daily News reported that medical staffers are afraid to conduct daily rounds in the department’s enhanced supervision housing units where the most troubled inmates are kept.

I thought people in the same gangs only beat up people outside of their gangs. SMH. No brains, no loyalty.