Sony Suing Tamar Braxton’s Husband Vincent Herbert for $3M


Tamar Braxton’s husband, Vincent Herbert, is being sued by Sony Music for more than $3 million after he allegedly refused to hand over millions of dollars that he owed the label.

According to The Jasmine Brand, Sony has filed for a default judgement against Herbert after he allegedly failed to show up and respond to the allegations in court. Last year, the label accused him of backing out of a deal with after it paid him a $5 million advance, and Sony wants its money back.

The whole thing began in 2013 when Sony Music and Streamline Records reached a deal in which Herbert would be paid for new artists that he brought in. Herbert received a $5 million advance from Sony against the future profits, with the agreement being that he would direct Interscope Records to make payments directly to Sony as their joint venture turned a profit.

Under the deal, Herbert was supposed to sign two artists per year, and the first artist he signed was Braxton, his wife, who received $1 million for recording her first album. But then, in 2015, Herbert told Interscope to stop sending payments to Sony, according to the suit, even though Sony had only been paid $1,528,315.

Now, they are asking for the remaining $3,471,685 back.

Via: The Giro