What? Tommy Sotomayer Dragged Tyrese Gibson for Dissing Black Women [Video]

Tommy Sotomayer Tyrese black women

A few days ago Tyrese Gibson dissed Black women for having fake hair, nails, eyelashes and body parts. A lot of his Black female followers were understandably hurt by Tyrese’s rant.

That is to be expected. But what’s surprising is that the Black leader of hating Black women, Tommy Sotomayer himself, came out on video and said that Tyrese was wrong was for dissing Black women.

During the video, Sotomayer also gave some insight as to the possible reasons why Tyrese would speak of Black women in such a negative manner.

What he revealed is pretty interesting…


* Yes I know you ladies don’t like Tommy, but just listen to this one video until at least the 14-minute mark…

My Thoughts:

I’ve always believed that a lot of dark skin men have complexion issues and this is why they often choose women with lighter skin.  Other Black men in general may  want lighter kids. When I was about 14, living in the projects, I was dating a light skin kid and his father came outside and told him that I was too dark to date, because our kids wouldn’t be light. I’m caramel and still that was a no go… It doesn’t bother me, but obviously that experience is embedded in my memory…

Toward the end of the video, Tommy said that when he’s walking around with regular Black chicks, no one compliments them. But when he walks around with a mixed chick, that woman gets lots of compliments. Personally, I’m Black and people of all races compliment me all the time when I’m out and about. Both male and female. They tell my boyfriend he’s a lucky man. I’m sure other Black women also experience this.

If Black women were to unfollow Tyrese in bulk, he would no longer post against Black women.

In conclusion, this video is exceptionally eye opening as to the thoughts and perceptions of some dark skin Black men…