HOW? Woman Goes Missing After Police Stop… Body Found in River… Police Say It Was an Accident

toni anderson

I’ve been following this story and the ending seems pretty odd.

Kansas City, Missouri – On January 15,  Toni Anderson, 20, left work at the Chrome club in Kansas City, just after 4 a.m. She was on her way to meet up with a friend.

Around 4:30 a.m. Toni  was pulled over by the police for an illegal lane change. She was let off with a warning because she said she was rushing to get gas at a gas station.

She then stopped for gas, according to police. At 4:42 a.m., she texted a friend, “OMG just got pulled over again.” (Police said she was likely referring to the stop minutes earlier.) That was the last time anyone ever heard from Toni.

Minutes after leaving the gas station, it was reported that Toni’s GPS was disconnected.

Authorities confirmed that the missing college student  was found dead on March 10 in a car pulled from the Missouri River.

Authorities say Anderson’s vehicle had been submerged for weeks after she apparently accidentally drove into the water soon after going missing early on Jan. 15.

A police spokeswoman tells PEOPLE detectives found nothing to suggest foul play factored into Anderson’s death, alluding to her family’s concerns. The spokeswoman declined to discuss the case in detail, citing the ongoing investigation.


But Anderson’s mother, Liz Anderson, says authorities assured her the 20-year-old college sophomore’s death was accidental — though it seems she tried to escape the water.

“I am relieved that it was nothing more than a tragic accident,” Liz tells PEOPLE.

“There was no foul play; [Toni] had no broken bones, and there was nothing on her body that would indicate any type of a struggle,” she says. “It is horrible. But they finally found her, and now we have a bit of closure.”

Investigators are waiting on autopsy results, which may provide them with additional information about how Toni died, the police spokeswoman says.

“[Police] believe she was confused and was turning around in a park, and that her GPS may have directed her to go the wrong way,” Liz says.

“If you look at the boat ramp she drove off of, it looks like a regular road — especially at night, when it’s dark,” she continues. “The police believe the ramp was icy and that she may have tried to stop, but the car went into the water.”

There were signs that Toni tried to leave her vehicle once it began sinking.

“The police told me that her window was down and that her seat belt was off, so they figure she was trying to get out,” Liz says. “The current of the river was too strong and the cold water rushed in just too quick for her to escape. That’s what the police have determined.”

Toni’s body has been cremated.

I’m just wondering how a person accidentally drives themselves into a river? When you first enter a river, it’s not deep. And the reports aren’t saying she drove off a bridge or anything like that. Sounds fishy to me. Maybe the police are pretending it was an accident in order to catch the killer??