White Teens Ask Black Classmate to Prom in Most Racist Way

Racist prom invite cropped

It’s 2017, more than 150 year since slavery was officially abolished, ye there are teens in this country who still think it’s OK to use it in their social activities,’

Two white high school girls are under fire in South Florida for asking a Black classmate to prom in a very racist way. They went to the school’s athletic field where a Black student was engaging in activities with a sign that said:

“You may be picking cotton but we’re picking you to go to prom with us.”

No one at the school did anything about it, according to Carbonated TV, but an area college student saw it and unleashed it on Twitter, which resulted in a firestorm of comments.

The subject of the sign reportedly said , “Yes.”

And the two girls who wrote and displayed the sign – no one is sure if they are being punished or not.

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