Wife Wrote an Open Letter to Her Husband and His Side Chick for His 43rd Birthday


The wife wrote:

Happy 43rd Birthday, Babe!

I hope you enjoyed your date. You had to have been looking forward to the weekend. I mean your boo got her hair done and shit. Although, she doesn’t quite get her cejas together like I like but we all have something, right? I am sure she’s a great person. She fucks married men for Christ’s sake. Oh and before I forget- Happy Birthday, Tina! Your dress was cute. Cheap….but cute. But I digress. This is, totally, NOT about her.

Anyway, I didn’t want to interrupt your good time so I waited until now to publish this. You see- even though you are a piece of shit, I am still the dutiful wife until the very end. Papito, I KNOW that you need a minute to digest that this is REALLY happening. Babe, this shit is is going down RIGHT NOW. I’ll give you a few seconds to pick your face up. 1…..2…..3….FUCK OUTTA HERE.

*I did the honors of approving her tags of you two on your Facebook timeline to ensure that the world would see your new love*

You left them sitting there. That was an oversight, right? *cackling*


You couldn’t tell her NOT to post them but I KNOW that you didn’t want them on YOUR page because after all- “you didn’t have a girlfriend.”

I was helping you live in “your truth”.

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