Woman Tells Facebook Followers to Drop a Profile Photo to See If They Are Wife Material or Not… Comedy Ensues

Ro √Člori Cutno

There’s a woman on Facebook named Ro √Člori Cutno. Ro is a stay at home mom, ¬†who teaches wife school and encourages women to display wifely behavior and to be good wives. Some of her advice is absolutely hilarious to me and some of her advice is legit helpful. From Ro’s perspective, ”¬†American women are too selfish and¬†high maintenance.”

Ro took it upon herself to teach women how to be more giving and look a bit more basic.

This morning, Ro thought she would personally interact with some of her female followers by analyzing their profile photos.

She wrote: “Not sure if your public profile is wife material or not? Drop a pic! Will answer!”

The photo comments came and to be honest I was laughing in tears.

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