Woman Left 2-Year-Old with Her GF, the Girlfriend Left the Baby Home Alone for Weeks to Die, Then Paid a Man $1,000 to Dispose of the Body… He Went LIVE on Facebook

Azim Jones-Fearon

You ever read something and then say to yourself, “Wait, this has to be made up?” because you’re really hoping it is… Well, this is one of those stories. However, sadly, it’s very real.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania – Azim Jones-Fearon was a few days shy of his third birthday when he was found dead in a West Oak Lane apartment. The man hired to dispose of the body filmed himself finding Azim on Facebook Live.

On Valentine’s Day, a woman dropped her 2-year-old son, Azin Jones-Fearon, off at her girlfriend’s house. The girlfriend, Jedayah Nesmith, 22, left the baby alone for weeks to die.

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