Disabled Man Forced to Crawl Out of Mills Fleet Farm Store After Worker Takes Away Electric Cart

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There will always be rules and regulations… and someone who lacks the common sense to know when to break them.

MASON CITY, Iowa – A disabled man said he was forced to crawl out of a Mills Fleet Farm store on his hands and knees after a worker told him he couldn’t take an electric cart onto the parking lot, despite his disability.

Shane Zahn posted video of the incident on Facebook to show what happened at Mills Fleet Farm on Monday.

Zahn said when he tried to take the wheelchair out of the store, the worker stopped him, explaining the store’s policy.

“I said I’ve done this before. She said the wheelchair is not to be out, it needs to come back in. I said, ‘What am I supposed to do, crawl out of the store?” Zahn told KIMT news.

Zahn is missing his right foot and usually brings his own wheelchair, unless he knows the store has an electric one. He said a worker brought him an electric cart when he was dropped off at the store.

In a Facebook post, Zahn wrote: “Went to Fleet Farm today to do some shopping. Paid for all my items and went to leave, was told I couldn’t use the wheelchair to go to the car. Returned all my items and had to walk out on my hands and knees.”


The CEO of Mills Fleet Farm, Wayne Sales,  told KIMT that it was a bad judgement call.

“We have policies and guidelines, primarily for the protection of our customers in terms of incidents that may happen when using electric carts in our parking lots, but in no way will we ever have a policy or treat our customers and deny them access to the carts as it appears in this situation.”