Donald Penn’s Wife Shows Off Photos of His Daughter and Side Chick Baby Who Are Same Age on IG… The Side Chick Went AWF


Donald Penn‘s wife, Dominique, wants to project the image that she’s not to be played with on Instagram… And if the game is chess she’s definitely winning… But morally she’s just like any other wife who got cheated on and stayed even after being embarrassed with the side chick coming up pregnant.

As you may know, Penn’s wife hopped on instagram late last year to snap on his side chick, Camilla Pointdexter (from “Bad Girls Club”) for trying to exploit him over the fact the two had a secret baby together. His wife found out about the hush money and the secret baby and decided to spill the beans on Instagram so that everyone would know. Therefore, the side chick was no longer able to blackmail her husband.

Well for Easter, Penn apparently went to pick up his side chick baby to spend Easter with his family.

And of course Dominque, who thinks she is so “in control,” hopped on Instagram with photos of the kids to make the side chick feel real silly.

While some thought it was sweet of Dominque to show love for her husband’s side baby, Camilla straight SNAPPED over the perceived shade!

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