Facebook: Teen with Warrant Goes LIVE from Chuck E Cheese… Police Called Her STUPID After Arresting Her [Video]

Markesha Wilkerson

Investigators were scanning Facebook Live and noticed Wilkerson was currently broadcasting a live video of herself at a Lakeland Chuck E Cheese.

Wilkerson posted the video Monday from the children’s themed restaurant, including video of her smiling, laughing and dabbing with Chuck E Cheese.

“Stupid criminals are really appreciated,” Sheriff Grady Judd said. “We highly recommend that when we’re out looking for you that you immediately post all of your information that you can on Facebook, Instagram, tweet it out, however you want, because that helps us.”


It bothers me that police are broadcasting the fact that they caught a silly 18-year-old girl… Sometimes you read some of the comments on Facebook and you have to shake your head. In this case, Blacks think it’s silly and whites think this girl should be locked up with the key thrown away…

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Gives you some insight as to how people are judged by a “jury of their peers.”