Fan Who Got Falcon Punched By 50 Cent Lawyers Up and Prepares to Sue Him Even After Twerking on Stage!


50 Cent inviting a thirsty fan on stage to twerk after he punched her was legal genius… after the fact that he didn’t think in the first place.

But inviting her onstage to twerk wasn’t enough, because she’s set to file a lawsuit against him.

What 50 Cent should have done was invite her over to his hotel room for a sample of his magic stick and made her sign a confidentiality agreement. But at this point, FIF is too used to badd chicks. He can’t go back to messing with chicks who look like this first baby mother.

According to TMZ, the woman Fif punched, Donnetta Derr, is reportedly planning on suing the rapper sometime in the near future for the incident.

While performing with The LOX at Baltimore Soundstage in the Maryland city for their Filthy America…It’s Beautiful Tour, the Get Rich or Die Tryin’ rapper was interacting with fans in the crowd when Derr was seen grabbing Fif and pulling him off stage. Camera footage then captured Fifty throwing a hard punch at her, and later on in the show, the veteran MC invited Derr to hop on stage and twerk for the crowd, which led fans to believe there were no hard feelings between the two.

TMZ reports that Derr’s attorney, Warren Brown, stated on her behalf that she went to the hospital the next day, and then hired an attorney last Monday. Brown told the outlet that he believes the Queens native’s behavior at the show was “cowardly.”


Fifty is going to pay. The only question here is if he’s going to pay in or out of court.