‘Fyre’ Storm: Ja Rule Faces Backlash for Failed Fyre Festival… Says He’s ‘Heartbroken’


Rapper Ja Rule, along with Billy McFarland, had a vision for a once—in-a-lifetime concert experience, where people could gather in a tropical setting to enjoy food, beverage and their favorite music acts. People were to be brought to the island of Exuma (Bahamas) and put up in cozy, high-end bungalows. Ticket prices for the so-called Fyre Festival began at $1,000 and went as high as $250,00 for the total VIP treatment.

But it looks like the event has turned into a disaster, with people actually becoming stranded on the island. Ja Rule says he is trying to handle the backlash and “safely” get people off the island.

He also said he is “hearbroken” the Fyre Festival fell apart.

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