Desperate Man Tells Facebook Live That He’s About to Jump as Police Are at His Door… He Died [Video]

Jamel Chandler facebook live video

Brooklyn, New York — A desperate man who fell to his death while attempting to flee police by using knotted bedsheets to scale a Brooklyn apartment was sought for the robbery of a livery driver two days prior, the NYPD said Wednesday.

He was identified by police sources as the man who fell to his death Tuesday around 6:30 p.m.

Officers planned to arrest Jamel Chandler, 21, for the robbery of a livery driver days prior when they arrived at a NYCHA building at Navy Street and Park Avenue near the Navy Yard in Fort Greene.

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Chandler had been released from prison less than a month ago for running a fake scam and robbing victims of their wallets.

Realizing officers were at his unit, Chandler went live on Facebook.

“Tune in. Tune in. I’m scared. Cops are at my door. They’re looking for me. They’re about to lock me up. Tune in. Tune in. Tune in. I feel like crying. I’m on the eleventh floor. I’m about to jump out the window. F*** that. I’m about to jump, jump. =

“I’m about to go to jail … and I ain’t been home a whole month,” he said. “I’m about to jump out the window. I’m on the 11th floor. I’m about to jump, bro, jump. If you want to jump, let me know. They right there bro,” Chandler is heard saying in the video.


He then tied together five bedsheets and climbed out the window, but a knot slipped around the seventh floor and he plummeted to his death.

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Officers, meanwhile, had seen the Facebook video and stopped attempting to enter the unit as they reassessed what to do, according to police sources.

Chandler stopped the Facebook Live video before falling to his death.


A woman who lived in the building filmed the 21-year-old dying on the ground outside.


His mother  Joyce Ford cried and said “I can’t believe my child is in that morgue. It’s just not fair.”


She said Chandler fell in with a bad crowd when he was a teen, but he was a good person at heart.

“Jamel was a happy-go-lucky young man,” she tearfully told the Daily News. “He wanted more out of life than life was offering.”