Mother Charged with Leaving Kids to Live with Maggots and Trash… Police Had to Force Their Way in to Save Them


“I just think it’s a shame,” neighbor Darrell Thompson said.

“Nobody should live like that,” another neighbor said.

People in the neighborhood said they were suspicious of how 29-year-old mother Charlese Whitfield was treating her five children, ranging in age from three to nine years old.

“Sometime they have shoes on, sometimes they don’t have shoes,” Darrell Thompson said. “There’s been incidents to where you wonder if they are changing clothes.”

“No child should ever have to experience that,” Thompson said.

“Do you see that house? Should nobody be staying in no house looking like that,” another neighbor said.

The children are currently staying with their grandmother while the Department of Human Services investigates.

“My heart just goes out to the children,” Thompson said. “I just hope that they are placed with someone that can guide them and steer them and get them an opportunity at a better life.”

Charlese Whitfield is in jail on five counts of endangering the welfare of a child and two other outstanding warrants.

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