YIKES! Tammy Rivera’s Daughter’s Real Dad’s Sister Blasted Waka: N*ggas Got Low Sperm Count and Want to Take All the Credit for Someone Else’s Child

waka tammy daughter real father

First off let’s give a round of applause for men who are willing to raise other people’s kids.

Now,  it’s getting hot on Instagram.. The social media site seems to be where all the best drama unfolds and where the juiciest tea is dropped.

Most recently, a popular gossip site caught wind of a family member of Tammy Rivera‘s daughter, Charlie‘s father, dissing Waka Flocka and Tammy for only showcasing photos of the daughter with Waka and not with her real father.

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After years of the couple being in the spotlight and Waka accepting Charlie and raising her as his own kid, the father’s sister has apparently had enough.

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