YIKES! Tammy Rivera’s Daughter’s Real Dad’s Sister Blasted Waka: N*ggas Got Low Sperm Count and Want to Take All the Credit for Someone Else’s Child

waka tammy daughter real father

According to Fameolous, the family is about to start airing the family business in public, like the sister is doing now.



I totally understand where the sister is coming from. She has a point. But let’s be honest here. No one would know who Tammy Rivera or her daughter was if it weren’t for Waka being who he is.

Do people on social media really care to see her real dad posted on Tammy’s account? Probably not. But you have to put yourself in the real father’s shoes. If he is indeed involved in his child’s life, the constant photos of Waka and the daughter could be considered disrespectful. But so could Tammy posting photos of her real baby daddy along with her child on her social media.

She has a new man. There are many mothers who wouldn’t post photos of their kids with their dad on their page because she no longer deals with the dad or likes him. Those photos would be more appropriate to be placed on the child’s own social media pages. Not everyone can function as one big blended family…

So I vote for the sister to STFU! 

But why does she have to insult Waka’s sperm count though? Geesh!

Anyway, what are your thoughts?

Meanwhile: Watch Tammy lipsync Kash Doll’s lyrics. They both kilt it.

All my friends know I secretly swear ima rapper especially when I’m drunk 😂 but my bih @kashdoll bodied this shit!!!

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If you didn’t peep, the lyrics are about being married to a man with a sidechick.