Telling It Like It Is: Jay Z Flexes His Media Muscle – Nat Geo Greenlights His Series on Race in America

Jay Z 2

For a while last year, Jay “Z” Carter made headlines when folks were trying to figure out who “Becky with the good hair” was, referring to who could possibly be the woman or women he had cheated with on his wife Beyoncé.

But lately, the media mogul and entrepreneur is making new headlines, as he spearheads projects that deal with two things: money and race.

As you may recall, the former rap star has launched a venture capital project with a partner, and he was also awarded the exclusive rights to put the Trayvon Martin story on film.

Now comes news that National Geographic has given Carter the green light to put together a six-part series on race in America, where he will focus on systematic injustice in the U.S., wealth inequity and more issues facing Black Americans in particular.

Nat Geo is probably one – if not the – most respected network on television. The fact that it has opened its coffers as well as its ability to reach millions of people to Jay Z speaks volumes of his growing respectability, as well as his conscious effort to make a difference.

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