Woman Goes Viral After Taking to Facebook to Tell How Much She Appreciates Her Son’s Father’s Girlfriend

facebook viral post

If it’s one thing I love, it’s a stand-up woman who doesn’t hate.

A few days ago, a woman named Vott Lowe took to Facebook to air out her opinion about her son’s father’s blond girlfriend.

While most women would be too petty and spiteful to say something good about the father of their child’s new girlfriend, Vott told her friends and followers about how happy she was that her son has a step-mother who loves him.


I love that she put her son first.  The post has more than 30,000 Likes!

😍 P.S. Don’t get on Facebook crying ’cause this post isn’t negative like I may have made it appear to be… 😂💋 I’m only going to tell you to shut your cry baby azz up. Besides, Kissy doesn’t like cry babies.  Be happy! This is a positive post!


In case you’re still angry, here’s some sprinkles.