Man Wants to Know How He Can Keep His Wife From Finding Out He Moved His Pregnant Mistress In


Everytime you hear something trifling one man does, another seems to level up and shock you.

In a post posted to The Marriage Club group on Facebook, a man asked what he could do to keep his wife from finding out that he moved his pregnant mistress into their home.

The post reads: .

“I’m having an affair on my wife. I have a legitimate reason for why I am sleeping with another woman, so don’t judge me yet. My wife and I got married a year ago. We planned on having kids and growing old together, but that changed six months into our marriage.

“She was rushed to the hospital and had a emergency hystorectomy, which prevents us from having any kids. Yes, I am aware that without the surgery, she would of died, but I died inside when I found out that my legacy will not be passed down to my children. She knew how much I wanted a family and I will never adopt and raise someone else’s kid.”

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