Chilli From TLC Didn’t Attend Any Black Lives Matter Marches… She Says ‘All Lives Matter’ … T-Boz Though Said F**k Trump [Video]

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Let the dragging begin…

In a recent interview over in the U.K., Chilli from TLC revealed that she did not attend any Black Lives Matter marches and went out of her way to say “All Lives Matter.”


I’m one of those people who loves all races, but I’m well aware that the “Black Lives Matter” movement started because cops were getting away with killing unarmed blacks. It is as though the justice system felt like black lives weren’t important.

The cause brought much needed attention to the dire circumstances many black Americans have found themselves in.

But a lot of celebrities are wealthy and out of touch. It’s easy to forget where they come from or ignore the plight of the people who support them, especially after their black fans supported their GoFundMe account…

But I bet if they asked Chilli about scrubs she wouldn’t say “All Scrub Lives Matter.”